Admin, also known as Kim Jong, my big black daddy and DJ 4DM1N, is an egotistical twat who rules over FunnyJunk on a throne of lies.

Owner of FunnyJunk, Admin Eating Chicken Nuggets-0

Owner of FunnyJunk, Admin Eating Chicken Nuggets-0

Addy eating the cooked flesh of banned users

Admin's Abusive Relationship With the Users

Admin enjoys to spend his time outside of the site lifting weights so when he returns home he can give

Admin IRL

user-chan a black eye and a broken heart. He is constantly switching between cool, fun, complete fake faggot pussy DJ 4DM1N who holds parties and gives out coloured text to assertive, cruel, douchebag Kim Jong who bans all who dislike him and stickies hardcore furry porn. But of course pointing his deep psychological issues won't get you anywhere but under his ban hammer, so be sure to kiss his ass and you'll be fine!

Also his new thing is being an asexual so he can get some e-sympathy from the homosexual community or something.