Autism Land: 
A wiki about the worst site to ever pop up on the internet; FunnyJunk.

The Cock Sucking Begins

Funnyjunk is a nice website with an adorable community and hiilarious content! Our dear admin, admin, treats us all very well. All of our content is original and never reposted! Our NSFW section is filled with consenting, human adults. We make sure our site is always at it's admin gone? Okay. THIS SITE IS AWFUL THE COMMUNITY IS SHIT AND THE CONTENT IS DRY AS BALLS. ADMIN THREATENS TO GET RID OF US IF WE STEP ONE CENTIMETER OUT OF LINE. THE CONTENT IS ALL REPOSTS, THE OCASIONAL OC IS COMPLETE FUCKERY! THE NSFW SECTION IS FILLED WITH BABY PONIES BEING SAVAGELY RAPED AND SHIT ON. PLEASE SEND HELP! OH SHIT HE'S BACKGIUHIFDURDRSRNTBFNG[']\FDLMKC;LDK;FGBFN. And that is why FunnyJunk is the greatest website ever. :)

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