The 2nd worst website on the internet (1st being FJ). 

What is this site evenEdit

FJNSFW (or CringeJunk) is a very pointless site made by the 3l1t3 h@x3r c0d3r joshlol. This site's features include (and are limited to):

  • Cringe-worthy screenshots, usually with the disgusting green background version of FJ (seriously turn that shit off ew).
  • Flappy Phanact (was 100x better with my background).
  • Zahnrad "Simulator". Warning, it is dangerously unfunny. All he says is cockvore.
  • /Bronies/ pages; pages about irrelevant users who begged to be put on the site (PS. fuk u joshlol put me on ur site pls).
  • And this

lol pussy

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