'faggots that res'ide in this place:

alexanderburns - sucks dick at everything except sucking dick, he also has an ongoing relationship with   tyloqueer

tylosaurus - is possibly the gayest person in the world, he is bordering on too gay to function, and should do the world a favor and hang himself.

sluge - should treat himself to a lovely meal and do the world a favor, he is literally the most tolerable person on the face of this universe

shitposts - who the fuck is he?

guiguito - is a fucking idiot with a terrible sense of humor, he also has 0 stamina and lets large men sit on him 

Gonnafly - is now Gonnabutt, also who is that? link pls.

fargone - makes multiple accounts so people will think he's funny

samous - is a terrorist

burningdash - is apparently not a brony

sannukas - is deadiron's butthole and knows how to do morse code

yutdollacwwwthree - is a nigger who only shows up when there's a post about computer hardware

tarekmig - is part terrorist and part potato, No one knows that he did 9/11 with samous, in his part time; he works at 7/11 selling you slurpies and frozen pies, ALLAHU AKBAR!

hirollin - is a foolish slut and is really bad at simple math, like really super bad

muffinzexe - is a nazi fag

avatarsarefornoobs - is total loser who sucks sluges dong any chance he can get

tentaquil - is a poorfag who begs for games like a nig begs for cocaine

EdwardNigma - thinks hes hot shit because he knows how crusader kings2 works

bananarchy - should not edit the wiki page because he's neither funny nor charasmatic what so ever

herecomesjohnny - is some guy who I dont really pay attention to so I dont have anything interesting to say about him, also he's a little pussy that hides under the covers and still breast feeds

murrolgic - copy and pastes news articles that most people don't really care about and he thinks that makes him hot shit, but in reality we've seen his irl post and it's far from the truth

Junesnow - used to be regular but died in a tragic pile up in a huge gay orgy in manchester

ghostninja - is a guy who tends to agree with me so hes ok in my book

averagewhitekid - is actually a large black woman who enjoys taking long walks in detroit and drinking toliet merlot

desacabose - is a trend following fagbi

alstorp - is essentially an anon

tiagodouza - is just a fancy mexican cuntbag

feelythefeel - is ugly

gabek - is that weird guy who wants attention so he thumbs everyone up

hokon - is some gay 12 year old and has no friends

squalllionhart - fades into the background and is essentially a tertiary character

ipostcp - doesn't actually post cp

thycupcake - dont even get me started on this little frenchie faggot, he doesnt even know for certain wether or not he wants the poooossssiieeeee

Riukanojutsu - is a douche who doesnt thank people for giving him games

danteiskill - tries to be funny or troll but just ends up falling flat on his face and making an ass of himself

mrdeadiron - is an ok guy who can be funny at times but tends to be a giant douche who takes things to far and hurts peoples feelings, pigs are his favorite thing

adzodeux - is a pretty cool guy who tends to agree with me

mikepro - used to be a regular but is a dirty mexican who got aids from brazillian trannies and died

sirsheepy - fucks sheep not much else is important after that

epicsaucines - is kind of retarded and should go away again

scootboots - was a god among men and should come back but the fucktards on the board made he/she leave 

sonnyboii - has shit opinions on everything 

fillelindome - is some random fuck

dragondust - is trying to be more flamboyant

adrilazzaro - another random fuck

nefarian - enjoy putting sards of glass up his anus via dota 2

whoever edits this next is a fagbi

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